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Posted on: Wednesday 01 July 2020 5:08pm by Angela Morrow

Angela Morrow, producing the CMC Commissioner Conversations with Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network, wants to encourage you to attend and ask questions!

In a year of unprecedented challenge and change for the industry we can all take a modicum of solace from the perennial presence of the CMC Commissioner Conversation – Channels panel.

You may be a new creator, an industry veteran or somewhere between the two. Wherever you are along that road, you’ll want to hear what these highly experienced commissioners have to say. They are the conduit between creator and audience and their insights are invaluable in plotting the route from idea to screen.

Discover how WarnerMedia and Nickleodeon have risen to the challenge of keeping kids entertained in lockdown and what new content they have yet to come. Find out what opportunities they have for new collaborations and commissions and how best to approach them with your amazing idea.

This year the ever popular CMC Commissioner Conversations – Channels panel is taking place right there in your home office or at your kitchen table. You already have a front row seat, so pour yourself a coffee and submit your questions via the Question button, we’ll ask as many as we can.


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