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Posted on: Tuesday 30 June 2020 10:53pm by Jude Spencer

Jude Spencer, mental health trainer, producing and presenting this video in the Perspective On… strand asks “How to Change your Frame of Mind?”

Perspective On… Our Frame of Mind has a Chat area in the Children’s Media Conference Facebook Group. Delegates can use it to leave messages, ask questions and discuss.

“Coronavirus put the breaks on my career . So I went “Aggggghhhh” for a while and then I paused and then went “this is how it is, I can’t change how it is”, that’s when I re-engaged with it,” says storyboard artist and Co-creator of ‘Shane the Chef’, Andrew Wildman.

Andrew is no stranger to setbacks and adversity. He previously worked for Marvel before they filed for bankruptcy in the late 90’s. “I felt like a piece of me had been taken away.” A feeling that might be familiar to us all given the current hiatus across the TV Industry, particularly in live-action production.

In Perspective On….Our Frame Of Mind, I’m in conversation with Andrew, alongside psychologist, presenter and founder of  ThinkAvellana, Dr Hazel Harrison and executive coach and founder of Blossom Hospitality Marianna Alfa who all share their tips for creating a positive frame of mind, helping to build resilience and making happier workplaces for us all.

“What are the things that really make a difference?” Dr Hazel Harrison asks. We are guided through 5 evidence-based methods of taking care of ourselves known as the ‘5 Ways to Wellbeing’ and how we can build them into our day-to-day life to create a foundation for a positive frame of mind. Hazel also highlights how important this current situation is in giving us  “moments to reflect on where we’re at and what we need.”

“How we show up matters and impacts our teams” explains executive coach Marianna Alfa “What we focus on, grows. Sometimes it takes more effort to focus on the positive outcomes. We could easily slip into negativity when we face challenges but our attitude is truly contagious to others.” Marianna shares the top tips that every manager, exec and leader of our industry can take on board to help them and their team through the challenging months ahead.

If you’d like to find out more about how you can adjust your frame of mind join the conversation by watching Perspective On…. Our Frame Of Mind and join the Facebook event which will be open for your comments all week – to share your thoughts, questions and ideas.

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