Preview: Perspective On… The Golden Rules for Creating Great Kids’ Cartoons

Posted on: Monday 22 June 2020 11:47am by Sam Harris

San Harris from Hook Research , producing this video for the Perspective On… series for CJC 2020, finds his Ikigai…

What does it take to make a great cartoon?

That’s the question we at Hook are exploring at this year’s Virtual Children’s Media Conference – speaking with writers, animators, producers, and researchers and distilling their thoughts into positive and inspirational ‘Golden Rules’ for creators and thought-leaders in the kids animation space. These experts include:

  • Sophie Deen, the CEO and Founder of Bright Little Labs – a media company who are creating interactive, STEM-themed stories for young people
  • Rebecca Hobbs, Freelance Writer and Creative Consultant – previously, the head-writer on ‘Sadie Sparks’ and currently working on a number of exciting, new projects
  • Andrew Kavanagh, CEO and Founder of Kavaleer – a studio responsible for shows like ‘Pablo’, ‘Alva and the Trolls’, and ‘Wildernuts’
  • Debbie Bray and Nick Fisher, the co-Founders of Hook Research, will also share their deep insight-led expertise in the kids space, having worked on the research and development of big kids animations like ‘Ben 10’, ‘101 Dalmatian Street’, ‘The Amazing World of Gumbal’l, and ‘The Powerpuff Girls’ (to name just a few)

What can you expect from this session? While we don’t want to entirely spoil the video, here are a couple of ‘Rules’ that our experts shared:

  • Find your ‘Ikigai’ – Andrew Kavanagh

What is Ikigai? It’s how the Japanese describe the feeling of wanting to jump out of bed every morning filled with purpose. Now more than ever, creating content is more than just about filling schedules. The world has needs which we as content producers need to – and, I believe, have an obligation to – react to. So ask yourself “what does the world need?” and push your creative focus into that sphere.

  • Accept that you won’t know everything straight away – Rebecca Hobbs

When writing, the characters will reveal themselves to you across the writing/producing of a series – I’ve found that the process is definitely a learning experience. I think that if you can totally sum up all of your characters before you start scripting, then they won’t be able to surprise you along the way!

Find these rules interesting? Then be sure to watch our Video session Perspective On… The Golden Rules for Creating Great Kids Cartoons to hear the rest!


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