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Maria Pullen (Volunteer AP on the CMC Karaoke Show) tunes up for a great night…. in.

When the working day is done, CMC just wants to have fun! And what’s more fun than one of the highlights of the conference – karaoke night.

CMC lore dictates that karaoke is a place for forging bonds with friends old and new. With that in mind, we didn’t want to skip it this time around, especially when staying connected is as important as ever.

This year we will be hosting our very first online ‘CMC Karaoke Show’ on Thursday 9 July, 8pm-10pm which will be streamed live via Zoom straight to you!

The show is produced by London-based animation studio and long-time karaoke fans Karrot. As a studio, they have often hosted their own karaoke parties, singing till dawn on some occasions! So, they know a thing or two about throwing a good karaoke get-together. The show will be hosted by Karrot’s co-founder and karaoke-enthusiast Jamie Badminton who is a regular fixture of the CMC Karaoke and was keen to keep it going this year.

This event is for all registered delegates and will be a mixture of live and pre-recorded segments – think of it as a virtual variety show! And if the karaoke spirit moves you while you watch, the floor will be open for requests throughout the night, so please don’t be shy! The DJ’s chat box will also be open for you to write in your favourite tunes or share messages with your fellow delegates.

We want to make Zoom chats fun again, and not just for Work Chats – so we are actively encouraging funky backgrounds, funny hats or just your lovely selves! Whether you want to just sit in and watch the show or really get stuck in and sing-a-long, this event is guaranteed to lift your spirits. And there’s absolutely no pressure to sing live online – you can dance, lip-sync, or bop along and most importantly have fun!

We hope to see you all there… and if you can’t wait to get your vocals warmed up, find out how you can get involved here.

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