Manimation 2019 – Keynote: Sarah Muller, BBC Children’s

Posted on: Thursday 14 November 2019 12:35am by Helen Dugdale

Sarah Muller: PowerPoint

Greg Childs introduced Sarah Muller, recently turned to BBC Children’s to take on the role of Head of Independent Animation and Acquisitions, and who would take us through a comprehensive outline fo how the BBC finds its animation and what it is looking for.

It’s an interesting time to be in the industry. Our key audience is very media literate and tech-savvy. They are loyal to the content and not to the platform anymore,” said Sarah Muller

Top Things BBC is looking for:

  1. We need more drama for CBeebies with a BBC angle
  2. We’re looking for dominant and strong female characters
  3. Comedy – little kids like to laugh – we like smart writing and gags
  4. 2-D fast-paced comedy
  5. We’re really interested in Animation for 12+
  6. We buy live action
  7. Distinct content with distinctive visuals
  8. Diverse, authentic & compelling characters

CBeebies ‘Bing’ & ‘Hey Duggee’ are strong examples of shows that have real clarity of content from creators, real vision and strength. Believe in what you’re doing. Don’t allow the brand to be dilated.

Content on Demand. 

Disney + will be interesting to look at its content and discovery method

Content is king – you can rebuild your audience with one great piece of content. Don’t cut corners. You must 100% believe your content, don’t settle for less, but recognise the budgetary limitations.

Audience research and market trends are key because everything you do is measurable.

Discoverability is a major issue for content creators they need to do everything they can to make sure the audience can get to it. Have an opinion and involvement in it.

The BBC has bolder plans for boxsets on the iPlayer, which will cease to be a catch-up only service. iPlayer is an SVoD from now on. It’s not catch-up anymore. The BBC is looking at the rights issues.

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