Manimation 2019 Keynote – Peter Lord

Posted on: Wednesday 13 November 2019 11:15pm by Helen Dugdale

Peter’s PowerPoint

In this inspiring opening keynote, Peter Lord talked about the way Aardman has organised itself as a creative powerhouse over the last 30 years – and how their new position as a mutual company is part of that process.

Aardman’s 40th Anniversary Promo:

The Aardman partnership began at school and as a hobby which somehow turned into a career. The team has grown slowly and steadily from the early days in Dave Sproxton’s back bedroom to now a team of 220 and an employee-owned company.

What is the secret to their creative success? 

Optimism, communications, a sense of play and understanding the privilege and power of working in the communications business.

We had the desire to keep going and we had optimism and ambition but not necessarily to make money. Our shared objective was key to success. Our skillsets and personalities were completely different, but we felt the same way about important things- particularly the shared socialist agenda and the belief of the general good of the studio and the creative agenda. We are in the business of making stories and not making money. We’ve constantly balanced change and tradition. We don’t encourage competition internally. We’ve always had a great interest in technical innovation. We are not mavericks, but our instincts are conscious. We strongly believe that work should be enjoyable,” revealed Lord.

Aardman became an employee-owned business in 2018 – the reason behind this was their long term vision for the future and their passion to protect it:

We chose to become an employee-owned business because we love the company. It’s like our baby we didn’t want to sell it into slavery. The company isn’t a thing – it’s an organic group of people who do great things, so it’s right they should own the company.”

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