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Posted on: Friday 05 July 2019 9:52pm by Shannon Reeve

Research 1 and 2 focused on the content strategies being used by online video organisations and tech-giants to get into the children’s side of the growing online video sector.


● Netflix is looking for content for 7 to 9-year- olds, whilst Amazon is looking more for pre-school content.
● YouTube is the dominant content provider, with Netflix following behind.
● Only 10% of children go to live TV sources first, versus 41% of adults.


The first of the research presentations, delivered by Fred Black of Ampere Analysis, examined what key SVODs have been commissioning and may be looking for in the near future. The focus of the research was on the contrasts between Netflix and Amazon, and where they may be commissioning and acquiring in the next 18 months. Netflix led the charge with 30 upcoming shows compared to Amazon’s 4, and many of the key SVOD market leaders are leveraging IPs that are well known, successful, and have an
in-built audience. In order to combat the vast IPs that Disney will introduce on their upcoming platform, Netflix have been buying other IPs such as the Chronicles of Narnia and Jurassic Park.

Over half of Netflix’s kids’ content is animated compared to Amazon’s 40%.  Netflix’s key focus was found to be in the 7-9-year-old age range, with just under 40% of their kids’ catalogue geared towards this age range. In contrast, Amazon were focused on pre-school content. Over the next year, Ampere predict that Netflix will take on 66 titles, and Amazon will take on over 190.


D.fferentology’s Paul Marshall presented their research into the decisions children were making about the video content they watch, and why. Paul and his team found that only 10% of children go to live TV sources first, versus 41% of adults. Kids leaned towards streaming sites, with 24% going to streaming services such as YouTube first, and 22% going to SVOD services including Netflix first. Word of mouth was found to increase in importance as kids get older, with SVOD being the
best way to get content between the ages of 5-8, and streaming services taking precedence for kids over the age of 9. The research also found that more than half of kids were exploring which videos they wanted to watch themselves, and only 23% were taking recommendations from parents.

Overall, the dominant platforms for kids were YouTube and Netflix, with the preference for Netflix increasing as kids get older. YouTube was dominant particularly amongst younger audiences because of the relevance and range on the site.

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