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Posted on: Friday 05 July 2019 10:38am

Changemaker Finlay Pringle is an Ullapool Shark Ambassador, at only 11 years old. He inspired the audience in the session to “Think like a mountain”. What he suggested using this quotation is that people shouldn’t just think about the top of the mountain, but try to think about the other aspects surrounding it.

Session Takeaway: 

  • “No beach you’ve ever stood on will be there in 35 years-time”.
  • Keep your eyes on the horizon.
  • Life’s a journey, and what you experience in yourself.
  • You give children the right access to the right tools and they absorb it.


After Finlay Pringle’s inspiring Presentation, Professor Stephen Hepple asked Finlay to join the panel to give a young person’s perspective on education.

The speakers were asked what advice they would give their 11 year old selves? The answers were varied but all contained elements of looking beyond their immediate surroundings.  The benefits of hindsight bring a powerful new perspective on the vastness and potential for he worlds, unknown to most 11 year olds back in the day.  But with the arrival of the internet and social media – their horizons can be broadened.  And their voices – like Finlay’s – can be heard.  They can also connect globally in ways never before possible.

What ensued was a high-level discussion of how education is progressing globally.  In particular there was interest in how some  nations are introducing life skills into the curriculum at schools, and certainly pushing school activity beyond facts and technical skills. Emotional intelligence, broad literacy including media awareness, and other skills up to now attributable to post-school learning – the school of life – are now being entrusted to the education system.  As technology takes over, what have humans to contribute?

To conclude what was a thought-provoking panel,  these quotes were a great way to round off the session:

“Make the important measurable, not the measurable important” and “Learning should be motivating, not for the motivated”.


Author: Samantha Bunkell

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