Report – The Note Behind the Note

Posted on: Thursday 04 July 2019 2:49pm

Stephanie Wahlstrom, Kidzilla Media, introduced this panel about the importance of sending and receiving notes for script development and exploring the issues writers have when dealing with good, bad and conflicting notes.


  • It’s less about winning and losing a note and more about the benefits for the show.
  • Never say no to a note but always ask questions and communicate.
  • There’s a difference between a better note and a different note.


The panel began discussing issues on how notes can delay a project. Getting agreement with writers in advance is important, to organise the re-writing process so that all parties can stick to schedules and deadlines set for notes.

There was discussion about what makes a good note and how to deal with conflicting notes.

It’s useful to draw attention to the parts of the script that work as well as parts that don’t – a good indication of where the storyline is progressing. Conflicting notes for the same character in a show often reveals an underlying problem with the character.

Overall, when dealing with notes, things can get defused quickly by putting ego aside and considering what’s best for the show.

Author: Samantha Bunkell

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