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Posted on: Thursday 04 July 2019 11:39am by Vanisha Sumboo

Technical standards and delivery demands have undergone vast changes in recent years. Content is commissioned by the platform giants and viewed by the consumer in very different ways than how it used to be. Nowadays, the process has much shorter timelines, higher production costs, and more delivery formats – meaning the final quality can be at risk. This session took a look at how to effectively tackle these new delivery demands.


● Netflix have their own QC (quality control) requirements – knowing them from the outset will help streamline the process.
● Have an IT specialist to help with the demands of security procedures.
● Test your pipeline and delivery processes as early as you can, use automatic routines for double checking.
● Get a QC report done early.


Simon Capes explained that for years it has been fairly straightforward in conforming to standards and a level, easy platform for creating mixes. However, this has changed dramatically, as he found out with ‘Dennis and Gnasher’ in supplying a mix for Netflix USA, as before you didn’t have to deal with different formats. He also discussed the extensive security procedures Netflix have in place.  It’s important to take note that all of these can cause potential problems in the transition period.

Patrick Egerton talked about the challenges he faced with the show ‘Kazoops’. Netflix asked for the songs in 28 different languages which added a huge layer of complication. The challenges lie in not knowing or being able to predict the standard until you sell the rights. With a forced responsibility on the producer, the necessity is for the quality of the output in all languages.

Neil Marsden explained that delivery is not only limited to the final master picture, but standards affect the whole production pipeline. A QC helped to support the production of ‘Robozuna’, though Netflix’s QC report still flagged tiny points, which had to be corrected. He advised delegates to listen to their technical team and work with experienced companies. It may cost more but will save in the long run.

Tim Searle shared Simon’s concerns with security and advised that as Netflix wants delivery with stringent requirements, working with partners connected to Netflix will help greatly in overcoming this challenge.

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