Report – The CMC Drinks Reception

Posted on: Wednesday 03 July 2019 10:28am by Simon Bor

Sheffield Cathedral was humming with chatter and live music as a record number of CMC delegates arrived for the annual drinks reception. Surrounded by displays of classic and current characters such as Mr Benn, it was a chance to catch up with old friends, meet new contacts and sample delicious canapes.


  • “If I can leave this conference inspiring people to tell stories in a new way then I’ll be happy.”


The atmosphere was captured by the blogging team as a whole who asked delegates how the first day of the conference had gone for them.  “Factory’s opening drinks were so much fun,” said one. “This is a great conference.”

One who was at the CMC SkillBuilder said, “I’m making contacts and still learning the do’s and don’ts. The CMC is the right place for all of that.”

Another said that, “The International exchange gave me a chance to share my stories thanks to the excellent organisation of the volunteers giving me this wonderful opportunity during my first conference.”

One delegate summed up: “If I can leave this conference inspiring people to tell stories in a new way then I’ll be happy. The main focus right now is TV, but VR and AR will bring something entirely new to children’s media.”

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