Report – First Timers Reception

Posted on: Wednesday 03 July 2019 10:12am

The First Timers’ Reception kicked off with an impromptu walking tour of Sheffield, as delegates chatted their way through the town to the impressive location of the City Hall. Once the ‘newbies’ had gathered (and found the reception!) presenter Chris Jarvis began, making sure to include useful tips that were both reassuring and engaging for all.


  • Do download the CMC app to plan your sessions effectively.
  • Don’t forget to use the #tcmc whenever you share anything on your social channels.
  • Do attend the opening and closing sessions.
  • Don’t forget to take notes, you’ll never remember everything!
  • Do turn up early to sessions, they can get very busy.
  • Don’t keep to the same few people for all three days, broaden your social horizons.
  • Do be social, chat in the queues, utilise every opportunity you can.


Scattered throughout the reception were rounds of ‘Guess the theme tune’. This quiz was packed with nostalgic goodness, and tested everyone’s memories of old-school TV themes, involving some quite competitive high fives for some exclusive Disney goody bags. Banks and Wag, composers, opened with an insightful ‘Do’s and Dont’s’ list guaranteed to cover almost everything you could possibly need to know about CMC, including some very practical advice too.

Dominic Gardiner, CEO, Jetpack Distribution, told all new delegates, “Absolutely don’t miss the ‘Put your Money Where Your Mouth Is’ session, a ‘Dragon’s Den’ style event which is unlike anything else at CMC.” Matthew Robson from Disney gave the advice to “Try new topics with subjects out of your comfort or knowledge range.”

As Kath Shackleton (session producer) said, “These are some of the most friendly people in the industry, so don’t be afraid to approach people or start a conversation.” Of course, at CMC it would be odd not to have some ‘real talk’. Steve Wynne closed the session by urging there would be “No toilet pitching! Pitch everywhere and to anyone, you don’t know what might happen or what opportunities may arise, just not in the toilet!”


Author: Sarah Doyle

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