Report – CMC International Exchange 2019

Posted on: Wednesday 03 July 2019 9:06am

This year’s International Exchange market day at CMC seemed bigger than ever with delegates from all corners of the world from the UK to China. They were welcomed to the exquisite Victorian  Town Hall in Sheffield’s city centre to pitch their ideas to television executives, book publishers, distributors and more.


  • 60 potential buyers from a wide range of companies and services across the children’s media industry.
  • A swift and friendly process where fifteen minutes can make the difference.
  • From television pilots to picture books to animated content to games, people participated in a competitive market with a friendly atmosphere.


Participants had two half-day sessions of the Exchange to pitch and sell their ideas to the buyers, some of the returnees have seen this networking opportunity as a wonderful way to kick off the first day of the conference.

Peter Hynes, CEO of Honcho Poncho Productions said that it has become “a lot more varied and a lot more open to ideas and conversations. It’s nice. It’s good.”

Peter isn’t the only one who has noticed the exciting burst of quality and quantity as the Conference and Exchange continue to expand each year. Juhaidah Joemin, Managing Director and Executive Producer of Malaysian-based animation company Giggle Garage, has also returned to see that “It’s a lot bigger than before.”

The enthusiasm of more potential opportunities and more variety of content being offered to these sellers doesn’t seem to dwindle the excitement of the buyers but rather ignite and spark their passion. Ryan Beaird, CEO and President of Imaginators. TV sums up the growth of the exchange perfectly. “It is a perfect format and having the chance to pitch an early concept like the one I have created to all major UK/Irish/International broadcasters in one day is valuable especially for the feedback. A huge thank you to the CMC team and the volunteers for making the day run smoothly.”


Author: Martyn Warren



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