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Posted on: Tuesday 02 July 2019 4:49pm by Jess Percival

From the 25th June until the 7th July 2019, the Site Gallery becomes Playground – a free interactive exhibition for those aged 5-12 years (but everyone is welcome to join in!). This year’s theme is Game/Changers showcasing several iconic toys and games reimagined in exciting forms that encourage participation, teamwork and having a lot of fun!


  • The core focus of Playground is to combine physical and digital play.
  • Everything is suitable for a variety of ages, and can help bring young and old together.
  • Each exhibit combines recognisable elements with new and exciting interactions.


Will Hurt’s Abstract Playground: AP1 is an interactive, engaging, abstract audiovisual scene using geometry of physical sites to re-present local architecture and landscape. The interesting style of this game reflects its development. By working closely with adults who have learning disabilities, the developers were able to create a game they could truly enjoy.

As part of the ongoing project ‘Playing the Archive’, comes the Time Telephone Box – a way of bringing together the younger and older generations via a rotary phone. By using the telephone to discover games and rhymes of the past, the incorporation of archival material recorded by the Opies from 1969-1983. It’s a blast from the past for older players, and something new and exciting for younger players.

Fast-paced game SnakePit combines the classic ‘Snake’ game with a physical element. Playing as either red or yellow, players must stomp on buttons built into the floor to control their snake. Players can work alone, or in teams, to control the snakes from all four sides of the game. When there’s a whole class of children playing, it can get a bit hectic!

SPACE: A Galaxy Trail draws inspiration from VHS board games, popular in the 1990’s. Players are guided by characters on a video, and use instructions from the characters themselves. Watching this game in action, you can see how it promotes teamwork, communication, and lots and lots of excitable shouting.

These are just a few of the exhibits available to play, so come and along and bring out your inner child. Don’t forget, you only have until 7th July 2019 to try it out for yourself! See you at the Playground!


-By Jess Percival and Vanisha Sumboo

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