Preview – Successful Pitches: the Secret History

Posted on: Saturday 29 June 2019 12:41pm by Martyn Niman

Thursday 4th July 2019, 09:40 – 10:40

Showroom Cinema 3

Want to increase the odds of getting your series or idea commissioned? What is that magic dust that makes those broadcasters and partners green light an idea into production?

Join four pitching pros on a panel that will cover real inside stories on how they successfully pitched their ideas to channels and publishers. Joan Lofts shines a light on Peppa’s pitch, Mellie Buse from Adastra, on selling ‘Grandpa in My Pocket’, Caryl Hart, on pitching her stories and getting them published and Chris Dicker, Jam Media, on the ‘Becca Bunch’ story.

Tim Patterson (Children’s IP consultant & previous Nickelodeon exec) will ask those key questions to our panellists to get them to open up about their insights on what they had to go through, so we can enhance, the often challenging journey of pitching. Learn from the masters! This is an hour you don’t want to miss!

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