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Posted on: Saturday 29 June 2019 8:09pm by Florencia Donagaray

Monday 1 July, 4-5pm 

HUBS The Stage

Florencia Donagray, having presented research at CMC previously is producing this year’s CMC Volunteer Guidance session. Here she explains who it’s for and how it works.

Those who have had the chance to attend the CMC might have noticed that apart from the thought-provoking sessions and inspiring panelists there is another signature element that makes the conference unique: the amazing team of hard-working and ever-smiling volunteers. It’s largely thanks to these young people that the CMC runs smoothly – in every session and venue. The volunteers are the driving force during the event – and, because of this, the CMC team works hard to ensure that the volunteers also take something back with them when the conference is over.

Every year, the volunteers are given the chance to attend events which have been exclusively put together to cater for their interests and needs. Most of the volunteers are students or recent graduates with an interest in media, performance, marketing, PR, journalism and in some cases specifically children’s content, and the events are intended to offer a chance for them to have a closer look at the industry, to network and to help develop their thinking about their future careers.

The Career Guidance Session is one of these events. A group of media professionals with very different backgrounds will be sharing their journeys through education, apprenticeships and first jobs in the industry, dispelling common misconceptions and myths and the working environment and will share some top-tips for job hunting, networking and developing a career in media.

Moderated by freelance TV & Radio Producer Beena Khetani, this session will present a wide-ranging panel of experts: Alistair (Aitcheson, Game Developer), Tom Cousins (TV Producer and former CMC volunteer!), Emma Green (Social Media), Georgina Hurcombe (Animation), Jonathan Watson (Marketing and Research), Natalie McKay (Broadcasting and Animation). More information about the panellists can be found here


When the conference closes on Thursday 4 July – the volunteer team also have the opportunity to speed-meet a range of delegates, many from the CMC Advisory Committee, who themselves volunteer to stay on to offer advice.


Many of the CMC volunteers have registered their details and been issued with CMC business cards – just 50 per person.  They are told that this is their big chance to make some moves by passing these to people who offer to help or show an interest.  If you’re asked  – try to consider what you could offer.  it’s always great to give back.

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