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Posted on: Friday 28 June 2019 3:16am by Adam Bailey

Thursday 4th July 2019, 09:30 – 10:30

HUBS The Stage

With increasing number of partnerships between Chinese and creative companies around the world we discuss the opportunities, broadcast and streaming platforms, finding the right partners and the UK-China co-production treaty.

You have ideas, big ones, and you have just had that dream where your idea has gone global. It’s the next big thing. You just need to find that crucial connection or have that conversation which actually gets the wheels in motion. It could well be that you’ve been looking in the wrong place or limiting your ambition. Well here’s where that dream may come true.. (Is that enough hype already?)….okay…

China! Everyone’s talking about it, especially collaboration, finding the right partner and using the co-production treaty. We want to open up the conversation further and discuss what the opportunities are, who are the people you should be speaking to, how to speak to them, what they want to see and what the co-production is going to potentially look like. Is it for you? Will it help you on your way to getting that partnership?

This session will also include what’s known about the China-UK co-pro treaty thus far, how the first people to explore it are approaching it and what they are discovering. Our knowledgeable panel will share their experience of it, what they believe the pros and cons of the treaty are and how they plan to be able to find the right business partners and opportunities to utilise it.

Once you are partnered up and raring to go, where do you take it? Who can you talk to about financing your projects, where are they? There are many digital platforms in China, which one is right for you and your brand? What are they looking for? How do you meet them? What is the deal? Our panel can help give insight into how you can work with Chinese partners to produce shows that will succeed and travel around the globe.

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