Preview – China: A Creative Approach

Posted on: Friday 28 June 2019 3:07am by Adam Bailey

Wednesday 3rd July 2019, 11:00 – 12:00

HUBS Common Room

Join our esteemed panel of speakers as they share insights and knowledge into how to develop and produce your projects with both a Chinese and international audience in mind.

With the increasing number of partnerships between Chinese and international producers developing new IP, reworking existing IP or planning ambitious partnerships, we wanted to give you more insight into how to get yourself involved. Whether you are a Writer, Composer, Designer, Storyboard Artist, Voiceover Artist, Producer or are simply fascinated by the recent examples of successful projects being developed and produced in collaboration between Chinese and international production partners around the world, then this session is a must attend.

We want to throw you into the conversation between our esteemed panel of speakers who have been there, done it and are continuing to do it. If you have ever fancied dipping your toe in and seeing how you can get involved and just need that spark of inspiration or that bit of advice on how to make a connection or get a meeting to start the conversation then we welcome you to join us.

All of our panellists are active and successful in various areas of the Chinese market and are happy to share how they have arrived at where they are today, what they are looking for and what you can bring to the equation to get yourself involved too. If you are aiming big and want to be considering worldwide appeal for your brand right from the get-go then this session could prove invaluable for you!

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