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Posted on: Thursday 27 June 2019 7:21pm by Juliet Tzabar

Wednesday 3rd July 2019, 11:10 – 12:10

Showroom Cinema 2

With consumer habits shifting from traditional retail to digital purchasing, and amid ongoing reports of the death of the high street, this session will be looking at the impact that digital disruption has had on the children’s licensing business.

Shelf space is increasingly dominated by the big studios, and toy companies are now investing in their own content arms, so the traditional licensing models seem less and less sustainable, particularly for smaller producers who are yet to secure a suite of licensing partners. Yet we know that digital brings with it opportunity, and the demand for licensed product remains strong.  The new players are taking things in-house and exploring the increasingly important world of selling direct to consumers via digital platforms, and leveraging everything that social media has to offer for targeted marketing to their ideal customers.

Our panel is made up of IP owners from the worlds of television, games, publishing and Youtube, as well as representatives from the licensing industry.  We’ll be looking to compare and contrast the traditional versus new ways of approaching product manufacturing and marketing.  It’s a broad topic and in our panel discussion we’ll be hoping to cover some of the following:

  • Does going direct to consumer mean different product categories, what works?
  • Has manufacturing seen much disruption? Are smaller product runs really possible and therefore less requirement for inventory?
  • How do you balance brand integrity with quality, and what consumers want?
  • In this new retail environment, should we be approaching brand-building differently?
  • What about marketing?  How do you get your message to consumers and manage the direct conversation with them to your advantage?
  • Marketing to kids is fraught with regulatory overhead – what’s possible, what’s not and how do we ensure our direct-to-consumer relationships are ethical?

Our panellists will be sharing their experiences of: taking on licensing and merchandise themselves, launching new licensing propositions around Youtube talent, how heritage and newer brands are adapting this brave new world, and in general, reflecting on how the industry is adapting to newer generations who are make more purchases online than in retail stores.

As an IP owner from any sector, you’ll learn and understand the upside, and the downside, of taking L&M on yourself; and as a licensing professional you’ll get an overview of who’s doing what, and how to make direct-to-consumer work for you.


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