Preview – Animation Skills Fund: Use it or Lose it!

Posted on: Sunday 23 June 2019 12:48pm by Grace Hebditch

Animation Skills Fund – Use it or Lose it!

Thursday 4th July 2019, 14:00 – 15:00

The skills shortage is the biggest issue facing animation studios in the UK. The combination of a booming streaming industry with its insatiable appetite for animated content, the welcome tax reliefs and the world-class reputation of the UK animation industry, means the amount of animation work the studios are taking on are outgrowing the talent-base (without even mentioning the ‘B’ word – and all the issues around mobility of labour!). This could drive studios to set up overseas instead, leading to our domestic industry slowly dissolving way.

To mitigate this, the ScreenSkills Animation Skills Council are proud to announce that the Animation Skills Fund has been re-launched. The Animation Skills Fund is a voluntary fund that individual animation companies pay into to invest in the future of the industry, working together to do things studios alone can’t do.

With a brilliant panel of senior animation industry and education figures, the discussion at CMC will further the conversation about how this fund can be best used to develop UK talent and the future of animation.

The fund is working to address the skills issue though all career stages. This starts from communicating with young people and parents that a job in animation is a  viable and rewarding career, to providing boot-camps to up-skill entry-level workers and providing Continuing Professional Development  to help those already in the industry reach their potential. The council has already implemented the Helen North Achieve Programme which gives women in the animation industry training to help them reach the next stage of their career. In the future, the council will create “Returnships” for experienced people returning to the industry after a career break, along with many more initiatives.

Come along to the panel and get involved in the conversation to help shape the use of the fund so it works for everyone, assisting the UK animation industry to go from strength to strength far into the future.

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