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Posted on: Friday 21 June 2019 2:51pm by Rachel Murrell

Wednesday 3rd July 2019, 11:00 – 12:00

Showroom Cinema 4

So you want to work with Netflix?

There’s a reason why Wednesday’s panel on Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, Disney+ and AppleTV doesn’t include commissioners from any of them. 

The streamers are cash-rich and data-savvy, but famously discreet. So, instead we asked people who understand how they roll and can say what they think.

And we have them. Claire Tavernier is a digital and media strategist who helps media companies design their on-demand strategies. Independent producer Billy Macqueen has two Netflix commissions and a seat at the table when Pact talks policy. Samreen Ghani, CFO of Moonbug, supplies Netflix and goes direct-to-consumer on YouTube too. And Richard Cooper studies what the streamers commission, and what this reveals about their strategies. The session will be moderated by media commentator Kate ‘No BS’ Bulkley, so expect it to be interesting, useful and to the point.

Our expert panelists will be comparing and contrasting Netflix, Amazon, YouTube and the rest, looking at their business models, and exploring their customer acquisition and retention strategies. We’ll look at how much — or how little — kids’ content they air, in what genres, and who supplies it. And we’ll ask what this tells us about how the streamers see kids as proto citizens, knee-high consumers, or merely conduits to their parents’ wallets.

Then we’ll look at producing for the streamers. How do you pitch them a show, and how they will treat you if they commission it? How do they compare in terms of budgets, editorial involvement, and the demand for exclusivity? How many language versions will you have to deliver? And when Disney+ and AppleTV arrive this autumn, how will this affect the demand for kids’ content?

And then there’s the secrecy. Why won’t the streamers share their ratings — even with their suppliers? And if you’re one of those suppliers, how can you get top dollar from a master toy licensee if you can’t prove your show’s a hit? How can you convince a platform to take a punt on your new show without ratings to prove the last one was a success? And if your show is lost in a sea of content, what can you do to improve its discoverability?

Whether you’ve worked with the streamers before, or you want to, this agenda-setting session is not to be missed.

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