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Posted on: Thursday 20 June 2019 2:40pm by Becky Jones

Wednesday 3rd July 2019, 11:00 – 12:00

HUBS The Stage

If you are interested in finding new ways to link media and education in the fast-changing world of EdTech, then this session is  for you.

With children exposed to prolific volumes of stimulating media, how can we produce learning content that stands out? Join us on a creative journey that explores what’s working best to keep children delighted, engaged and inspired in the school setting.  And take a peep at what’s just over the horizon.

Delve into the magical world of the Night Zookeeper, and find out how this interactive literacy tool has been turned into a Sky Kids TV series – where children can create their own stories.

Meet the Editor of BBC Bitesize and discover what innovative offerings are in place to meet the challenges of digital learning and what happens behind the scenes at a major provider like the BBC to motivate and activate young minds.

Find out how to create an experience for children that they will go wild for with the Science Museums’ gamification of STEM resources in games such as Total Darkness.

And be amazed as ENGAGE shows us what the classroom of the future might look like.

Hosted by children’s science presenter Greg Foot, recently awarded the number one spot in a list of Top Media Influencers in STEM, join the debate about what we need to do to keep learning engaging, meaningful, and what children want… And how we can deliver it.

And if all that wasn’t enough –  we’ve got a special announcement!  Be the first to find out about a new competition being launched by the Department for Education to identify the best educational apps for young children, with the DfE Advisory Chair, Professor Jackie Marsh from the University of Sheffield.

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