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Posted on: Sunday 16 June 2019 11:22pm by Tine Knudsen

Wednesday 3rd July 2019, 17:00 – 18:00

HUBS Common Room

Over the years, CMC has seen a lot of exciting products that merge digital and physical experiences with the purpose of creating engaging play and education for children. And now many of these are out in the market along with large numbers of products that now integrate physical and digital play.

Some wow us, while others leave us questioning the need for either the digital or physical part of the experience.

My work at Funday Factory has been rooted in engaging people in the digital space, but often our inspiration comes from physical products and an interest in the tactile. Having ben involved in the development connected toys in the early stages of the category’s existence, I thought it would be interesting to take a closer look at the learnings, insights and results that professionals from the industry have experienced over recent years.

In the panel on Wednesday July 3rd we’ll bring together well known IPs such as LEGO and Micro:Bit, the tech startup Bright Little Labs and the Insight agency Kids Industries to  share learning, challenges, possibilities and what needs to be considered when developing merged experiences. The panel has strong representation from the coding community, with many of the products focused on building coding experiences for kids, but the session will provide a broader view of merged digital and real-world experiences, as opposed to coding alone.

The great thing about merged experiences is their capacity to  engage and empower kids, stimulating valuable skills, while at the same time they can expand brand owners’ capacity to create new stories and IPs. They are a new platform for storytelling in many ways.  The panel will consider this – along with parents’ attitudes towards digital and merged experiences and on the educational side – the need for emotional learning as part of kids’ play, in order to create whole human beings.

It’s a big picture topic tackled from case studies of deep experience in the field.  If you want to immerse yourself in where digital meets physical play – join us!

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