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Posted on: Monday 27 May 2019 1:53pm by Brolly Brollyman

One of the things I look forward to most on my journey to CMC from Wales to Sheffield each year is the chance to meet lovely new people and see what they’re up to.

This really comes into focus at the International Exchange – ‘speed dating for luvvies’.  As a composer it’s always exciting to see people’s pilots and projects and imagine what kind of music I could put to their lovely ideas. Through the exchange I have composed music for Space Chickens, Blue Donkeys, Alien Dogs and many other crazy characters but last year was special. Last year I met two lovely chaps from Dublin, Aidan and Colm from Turnip and Duck. They had a project in their portfolio that I fell in love with. After they showed me theirs, I showed them mine and we liked each other so much we got professionally engaged.

Imagine a selection of animated animal families watching a live action animal show with a ‘to die for’ script and beautiful animation and you have a dream job for a composer like me. Their project meant I could not only write music for animation but also music for Natural History as well.

Jump ahead one year to July 2019 and I’m now composing episode four of their fantastic show ‘Critters TV’ a mixed media comedy show for RTE.

So once again I shall be at CMC at the International Exchange looking for more beautifully bonkers people with beautifully bonkers ideas.

See you there.

Brolly xx

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