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Posted on: Tuesday 13 November 2018 7:00pm by Helen Dugdale

What is the future of the business of animation?

Olivier Dumont from Entertainment One shared the secret ingredients of what made ‘Peppa Pig’ and ‘PJ Masks’ the massive international brands that they are today.

The Secret of ‘Peppa Pig’:

  • ‘Peppa Pig’ went from simple sketch to an international smash. The five minute shows are easily digestible with a strong sense of humour running through each episode. The humour stays with the audience long after they have grown out of other pre-school shows.
  • Humour in preschool is rare, so it is the secret to Peppa Pig’s success. The stories deal with the family unit making it relevant to any kids anywhere in the world.
  • When broadcasters aired the shows back-to-back it caused the ‘popcorn effect’ leaving the audience wanting more. There was a formula and other countries started to show back-to-back shows as the ratings shot up. Fifteen years on and the show is still launching in new territories.

The Secret of ‘PJ Masks’:

 ‘PJ Masks’ helps kids to fulfill their dreams at night, becoming superheroes in their pyjamas.

  • The ‘PJ Masks’ characters are akin to Marvel characters for the pre-school world.
  • Producers listened to parents and made the characters more heroic. They took all the learning and magic from Marvel and added it to the show.


  • Do not underestimate the power of linear TV and the exposure that it provides, as well as the power of the TV promo.
  • Ensure that you appoint partners who connect with your brand. Consider medium-sized companies who are more approachable and adaptable.
  • Before you launch merchandise make sure you do your research and look at what the retailers are doing, what’s on the shelf. Where do your brand and products fit?
  • Provide real life experiences for the audience to meet, greet and touch your characters.
  • Keep momentum. You need to keep making more episodes and content.
  • What are the key themes in your show? Sprinkle these throughout your content and into retail, products and marketing. Themes for ‘Peppa Pig’ include: ‘When I grow up’, ‘Family Celebrations’ and ‘Chinese New Year – Year of the Pig 2019’. For PJ Masks examples include: ‘Super Moon Adventure’ and the ‘Power of Mystery Mountain’.
  • The key to success is content, content, content and finding the right partners.







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