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Posted on: Tuesday 13 November 2018 7:21pm by Helen Dugdale

Speaker Gareth Ellis-Unwin gave an insight into the new ScreenSkills.

Who are ScreenSkills?

Merged with the Indie Training Fund (ITF), Creative Skillset has been restructured and ScreenSkills is now the national agency for screen training. It has a new and easy to use website that can be found here:


Services include:

 Lobbying for skills and training on the national agenda.

  • The outreach team will hold events – everything from open door sessions to bootcamps.
  • There will be Continuing Personal Development (CPD) for people already in their career. Up to £600,000 will be available for training skills.
  • Regional hubs will be created and the first one in Leeds will be a Centre of Excellence.
  • There will be new mentoring opportunities.
  • Craft and tech bursaries will be offered for people in career bursary levels from £800 -£15,000.
  • They will bring talent delivery pipeline from age 13-14 years old into vocational training to try to improve the industry and the learning environment.
  • They will provide work experience opportunities and they are tasked with helping recruit 10,000 people to the industry over the next four years to fill skills gap.


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