Report – Roundtable 2: Skilling Up

Posted on: Tuesday 13 November 2018 6:45pm by Helen Dugdale

A roundtable discussion about how education and training providers are supporting the industry to improve recruitment.

Top Takeaways

Katie Lander – Brown Bag Films

  • Brown Bag Films doubled their workforce this year with 70 new staff members – 45 per cent of new recruits are on short-term contracts and from the EU.
  • The industry is facing a staggering issue around talent and we need to future-proof the problem.
  • Employers need to take responsibility and help to shape apprenticeships as there is no consistency between each company and each apprenticeship scheme.
  • There are no animation apprenticeships offered in the North West.
  • Apprenticeships are not just for people looking for their first jobs. They are also for individuals already within their career.
  • The focus needs to be finding assessors who understand the industry.
  • ScreenSkills can bring HE and apprenticeships together.

Carl Sargeson – Arch Apprentices

  • There have recently been big improvements on the standard of apprenticeships as they are now designed by people in industry and look at competence of individuals in the workplace.
  • People in their 20 and 30s are now completing apprenticeships.
  • Assessors are sector specific and from a variety of backgrounds.

Gareth Ellis-Unwin – ScreenSkills

  • Tasked with recruiting 10,000 people to the industry over next four years.
  • There is a new focus on connectivity between employers, what education is offering and the different stages of people’s careers.
  • There are four barriers to entering the sector: geography, contacts, ‘you can’t be what you can’t see’ and maturity to go into a company. All these are a shared responsibility.
  • Mentoring is crucial.
  • We need to help employers, employ!
  • The industry is lots more than just flashy jobs. 

Ben Elson – The Manchester College

  • FE/HE are working hard to get students work ready.
  • For far too many students FE is their first encounter with animation – they do not think of it as a job, it is more something to do.
  • There is an awareness that what other companies are doing is essential.
  • The college has created a bootcamp where it pairs companies with students.
  • Mentoring is the single most effective thing Ben has ever seen and it should be part of the system.
  • HEs/FEs can offer apprenticeships. The college is starting a Level 4 animation course in 2019.
  • The college has worked as a mini-agency helping the industry find staff from within the classroom.
  • It is essential to offer courses in association with companies as it opens industry doors into classrooms and potential employees.

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