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Posted on: Friday 06 July 2018 10:24pm by Michelle Jones


  • Chinese parents are young and want to educate their children.
  • Chinese children are under pressure to achieve.
  •  Content makers want to strike the balance between fun, play and education.
  • “Family”, “Food” and “Sharing” are really important.
  • Western animation is well known to Chinese children and parents.
  • Content for China can’t be overtly sexual or violent.
  • Humour is international.


Sarah Baynes from The Creative Garden and Alex Chien from A4 Studios welcomed and introduced the panel and said that we needed to dig a bit deeper into how China works – the largest country in the world. So what are the differences and where are the opportunities?

Raymond So from DaYe Transmedia Group explained that children born under the 1982 “1 child policy” had certain “emperor” traits from receiving all the attention, and being given everything they wanted, from both parents and grandparents. It was common for the 6+1 family unit to live together, or in close proximity. Grandparents often look after the children whilst parents worked.

These “emperor children” are now parents, most are under 30, and want their kids have an even better future than they had themselves – being happy, caring, sharing and changing from egocentric to team players. They also want their kids to be multi-talented and successful at sports and music as well as educationally so children study at the weekend too. A large portion of income is spent on education and Chinese kids today are under huge achievement pressure.

Content providers create product to be educational and portray a positive message for kids to play and learn rather than be “tortured” in the weekend classes.

Raymond introduced a clip of ‘Luo Bao Bei’ to demonstrate this education though play content, then handed over to Grace.

Grace Tian from Magic Mall explained that “Families come first, not individuals”. Small families want to be big clans and include cousins, pets and neighbours as extended family and “family” dominates the social schedule. It’s important to “share” – stories, meals, TV, social media (WeChat and QQ).

Indoor play, school outreach programmes (Madam Songs Foundation) and active play at branded events are growing in popularity – with parents having fun playing with their children.

A nation of team players is growing and there is a recognition from these emperor children, now parents, that “we can make it work”.

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