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Posted on: Thursday 05 July 2018 12:16am by Joseph Channon

How do real-world experiences engage children and enhance a brand’s relationship with its audience? Four different approaches to the new emerging experience economy.


• Consumers are increasingly looking for experiential events rather than products.
• An experience can be a powerful brand enhancing tool for some companies or the entirety of the brand for others.
• Inclusivity for the entire family is very important for the current generation, who value building memories with their family as much as they value the experiences themselves.


This session covered four extremely different businesses and the experiential events that they offer for kids.

Virginia Monaghan began by talking through the live events that Nickelodeon offer in the UK. Slimefest is a combination music festival/slime pit that has become a yearly event for Nickelodeon. It allows them to create a live experience for their audience, which they use to incorporate their own IPs and talent as well as making themselves more relevant to their viewers by bringing in the acts that they love as well. Slime Time and their pre-school adventure centres are shopping centre based experiential events that again, incorporate the Nickelodeon IPs with events that can be fun for the entire family.

Next, Daryl Shute talked through how Magic Light Pictures have built on their initial successes with the Gruffalo IP. From a starting point of making 30-minute animations for the property they have branched out into partnership with the Forestry Commission to create interactive nature trails and augmented reality experiences for the whole family. From here they have also partnered with Chessington World of Adventures to create a theme park ride, as well as themed hotel rooms based on the Gruffalo IP. In the future they will be looking to create similar experiential events with new IPs.

Sarah Christie of Grimm & Co showed us how successfully an experiential event can be in getting kids to engage with an educational experience, with their magically themed writers room. As a charity funded organisation their remit has been to help kids develop confidence and writing skills, which they aim to achieve with an immersive and creative experience.

Finally, Daryn Fillis showed how experiential events can enhance a product brand with Distroller’s presentation of their stores as less of a shop and more of a role-playing experience. The staff members are actors who take on the role of a nurse as children adopt an alien baby doll and play through the experience of buying their toy.

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