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Posted on: Thursday 05 July 2018 1:23am by Monica Siegenthaler


  • There are many ways to measure the success of your work, either with a survey, a study or observation.
  • The key to engaging young people is with fun. You can show them a different way of learning and they do not     even realise they are learning.
  • Interactivity and the need to inspire forms the basis of panellist’s work.


Host Sophie Deen, author of Detective Dot, challenged the panel with questions. She asked questions such as:

  • Why do the panel do what they do?
  • Why do these panellists work in education?
  • How do schools know if they are doing good work?
  • How do they view success in their work and what does successful engagement look like?

Abhi Arya is the Co-Founder and Partner of Sandbox & Co (SBX). This organisation seeks to move forward to the education revolution using an ecosystem that unites millennial parents, kids and teachers. This organisation teaches children English using different means with strong original content that can be personalized to the individual child. Abhi Arya spoke on the importance of removing barriers and rules, to give children freedom. Abhi Arya explained that his company researches the impact of their work, asking children how they are learning languages through school or other content. Many children responded, explaining how they learned through music or videos.

Nishy Lall is the Senior Manager inspiring young people at Sky Academy Studios UK. They focus on the learning experience of 8-16 year olds, via news reporting and storytelling to inspire them to do their best and develop new skills. Nishy Lall also provides key support to the Sky Ocean Rescue educational programmes. Nishy Lall stressed the importance of “inspiring young people to be their best.” She explained that the goal of her organisation is to bring to life topics that can be difficult and to open young minds to the amazing world of media and entertainment. When asked to explain how you create content that is good for a brand and a teacher, Nishy Lall explained that the teacher is the customer and the students are the benefactors.

As Global Projects Editor for CNN, Ryan Smith manages a team of talented digital journalists in London and Hong Kong, working on a range special editorial projects – video, words, photography, interactives, mobile and events. The Global Project team is described as a think tank for new ideas and directions. Ryan Smith exhibited CNN’s social impact projects, #MyFreedomDay that trended in Nigeria, the UAE, UK, US and the Philippines. They recorded 3,500 young people expressing what freedom meant to them. The other project was #ZeroPlasticLunch that had thousands of pupils in hundreds of schools participate worldwide. In response to questioning why he works in education, Ryan Smith expressed the importance of including children in the conversation about world problems as these are the issues that future generations will inherit.

Dominic Traynor, the Founder of A Tale Unfolds produces educational content for 7-11 year olds. Dominic Traynor spoke on the recent success of the LitFilmFest and their partnering with YouTube Kids. The film festival took place across the UK, exhibiting many films written, directed, filmed and performed by children. The winning videos were exhibited on YouTube Kids and there was an amazing tapestry of videos made by children, touching on every area from social issues to storytelling. Dominic expressed that “we just do things that kids really, really like.” When asked to explain what successful engagement means to the company he explained that ‘edu-taiment’ is a stronger way to learn. 

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