Report – Building An Audience – What’s Next?

Posted on: Thursday 05 July 2018 10:35pm


  • There is a consolidation of the average number of devices in households.
  • Average number of smart phones means children “own” one more device than they did three years ago.
  • Total time watching videos is up.
  • Children are still watching linear and doing so on TV, smart phones and tablets.
  • Video content consumed is different depending on the device on which that content is being consumed.


The panel for this session comprised of Adam Woodgate from Dubit Trends, Sarah Muller VP Children and Youth at Sony Pictures Television and Simon Ragoonanan Brand and Communication at Hopster.

Adam gave a compelling snapshot of audience trends backed up by compelling data and statistics.  One such revelation was that the 8-10 year old age bracket are watching over 26 hours of content per week, which is 6 hours more than in spring 2016. Another interesting statistic was that more children have a tablet of their own, than a TV of their own!

Simon Ragoonanan from Hopster shared the data that they used to dictate their marketing strategy which is to promote their app to “progressive parents” which he defined as a cohort of parents that see the value of paying for content that is educational and safe.

Sarah Muller reflected on the changes in the consumption of content from  a platform perspective but insisted that in her view quality of content remains the most important factor.  She added that the titles and brands that work are those that apply research findings, a grasp of market trends, common sense and of course creativity.   Brands should be looking to be unmissable and drivers of conversations.

The next section of the session focussed on streaming. The global leader perhaps unsurprisingly is YouTube with Netflix tending to be the second most utilised streaming site globally.  Further insight was given to the biggest genres on YouTube which are:

1. Humour

2. Wildlife and Animals

3. Action and Adventure

Adam attributed the “ownership” of smart phones by 8-10 year olds as a major contributory factor to what is being consumed on YouTube.

All in all this session provided a fascinating statistical insight into audience trends, means of content consumption and gave real food for thought for content creators and commissioners alike.


Written by Shereef Hosny

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