Report – First Timers’ Reception

Posted on: Wednesday 04 July 2018 2:42am

As sunshine poured through the windows of the Crucible Theatre, this year’s newcomers mingled over drinks, excitedly awaiting advice from seasoned CMC veterans on how to successfully navigate their first Children’s Media Conference—and perhaps something arguably more enticing: the opportunity to win one of four goody bags provided by Disney.

Below are panel’s five top tips and insights into how to squeeze the best experience out of your short time at this year’s conference:

  1. Rick Adams: “Mix, meet and learn from each other’s presences, experiences, smells, whatever”.
  2. Christian Hughes: “Take every opportunity you can. Go out there and do it”.
  3. Sharna Jackson: “Go to a session you wouldn’t normally and go to the Mercure Hotel at the end of the night—that’s where all the business happens”.
  4. Esther Kaufman: “Be bold [when networking] and try to think: ‘How can we collaborate? How can I be helpful to this person in the future?’”
  5. David Levine: “Follow up. When you meet people try and figure out a way to connect with them and make sure to keep the dialogue going”.

For first timer’s especially, the idea of mingling and/or pitching yourself to a complete stranger can be quite daunting; however, it is important to remember that we are all here for the same reason: to connect with new people and encounter new ideas. So, get out there tomorrow, take risks, think big and don’t be afraid to dance at the CMC Party.


Written by Abrielle Newton

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