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Posted on: Tuesday 03 July 2018 3:31pm by Lucy Gill

Wednesday 4th July 2018, 11:00 – 12:00

HUBS Common Room

Artificial Intelligence – has it hit your radar yet? If not, it really should have! The opportunities are endless, exciting and inspiring. It’s definitely time to engage.

I have to admit that until recently I’d really given Artificial Intelligence (AI) very little thought beyond the world of Sci-Fi movies. However, I don’t know about you, but in the last few months it just keeps cropping up, whether it was Alexa becoming increasingly commonplace or news of auto-generated inappropriate kids YouTube videos.

It wasn’t just in techy spheres either, even my totally non-techy husband mentioned it which really did shock me into paying more attention. So, I took the only sensible course of action: I volunteered to produce this panel (Wednesday 4 July, 11 – 12am, HUBS Common Room) at CMC to force myself to get better informed.

Fortunately, I haven’t discovered that computers are taking over. Instead, I’ve learnt so much more about how AI is on the cusp of impacting the children’s media industry than I could have imagined. There is such a lot going on that the panel session will only scratch the surface, but whatever your role in this sector-  this is a session not to be missed. For example, have you thought about the opportunities voice technologies could bring your domain, not to mention the challenges now voice data is considered personal data under GDPR? Have you considered how AI could support creativity, and impact learning, books, games, toys and content creation? Have you realised how engaged the next generation are in AI as a subject and thought about how we can both help prepare them for a world with AI and incorporate it in how we entertain them? Have you thought about the potential ethical issues involved?

So many opportunities, and plenty of challenges. Come hear the wonderful Maddie Moate moderate our panel of experts in opening your eyes to the possibilities and so ensure that together we harness AI for the better.

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