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Posted on: Friday 29 June 2018 5:16pm by Chris Halliday

Creative Industry Tax Reliefs, have you heard of them? If not, you should’ve! The tax reliefs are easy and accessible, as well as being available to any size of project.

The tax reliefs have been a welcome and successful incentive to bolster the children’s creative sector, helping to make the UK competitive in an international market and an attractive place to do business. As funding remains a tough battle to get hold of within the creative industries, the UK’s tax reliefs are a key source of finance to put into your programme’s budget.

In this panel session on Wednesday 4 July (14:00 – 15:00) in the HUBS Common Room, we’ll be joined by seasoned producers sharing their knowledge on using the tax reliefs for a whole host of projects from well-established series including: ‘Teletubbies’, ‘The Amazing World of Gumball’, ‘Topsy and Tim’ and ‘Waffle the Wonder Dog’. We’ll talk you through how the tax relief can: help fund your project during production, benefit your IP, help you find a co-producer and pitch for inward investment projects.

Experts from the BFI and HMRC will cover the main criteria and the process of accessing the reliefs as well as impart useful knowledge on what is eligible, they will also show you how approachable and friendly they are!

The aim of the session is to give more information on what to do next; you have your British certificate, how and when should you apply for your tax claim? How are other companies using it? What’s it like trying to pass the cultural test? Should you venture into co-production and are there any tips?

Even if you have accessed the tax reliefs previously, this session aims to give you some interesting insights and useful tips to take away. So why not come along and hear more? I t could be the session that gets your next show off the ground!

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Chris Halliday

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Chris Halliday

BFI, Senior Certification Analyst

Chris has been part of the Certification Unit team for nearly eight years. The unit assesses and provides guidance on the cultural test and co-production, which is required to access the creative industries tax reliefs. Chris works closely with key stakeholders in government and industry to provide advice and guidance on… Read more