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Posted on: Friday 29 June 2018 4:41pm by Ed Moline

Failure: The Secret Ingredient Of Success, 2:10 Thursday 5 July – Showroom Cinema 3

Netflix was once struggling so much that a buy-out by Blockbuster seemed like the best option. Now it is reported to be worth more than Disney.

Love Island was axed in 2006, 9 years later it came back to be one of the biggest shows in British broadcasting.

And in 2013, Meghan Markle was losing at love having just divorced. It’s safe to say she’s bounced back on that front.

Often failure is the prelude to a bigger success and yet instead of embracing it as part of the process on the path to achievement, we are conditioned to fear and loath failure. In 2018 during the Children’s Media Conference that is going to change – at least for the people who attend The F Word.

For this session we’ve assembled a panel of four industry trailblazers from four different countries bringing four very different perspectives to one subject: how to fail the right way.

  • Linda Simensky is Vice President of Children’s Programming at PBS. Over the course of her career she has worked with renowned creatives and producers to develop hit showsat PBS, Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon. But not every show turned out as she had hope. At the F Word, Linda answers “What do you do when your next sure-fire hit is a flop?”
  • Biren Ghose is the Country Head for India for Technicolor, establishing it as the primary hub for Technicolor’s CG animation business. He brings the big picture perspective from the top of the corporate ranks where he’s helmed phenomenally successful businesses and those where every major aspect of the enterprise was simultaneously failing. He brings his first-hand experience of facing down those failures with innovation and objectivity to bring a media company back from the brink.
  • Anna Williamson first found fame presenting big hitting children’s television shows in the UK, however, behind closed doors, she suffered from a battle with generalised anxiety disorder. Determined to challenge the stigma around mental health, Anna went on to study and qualify as a counsellor, life coach and Master NLP Practitioner as well as authoring the bestselling book ‘Breaking Mad’ and the newly published ‘Breaking Mum and Dad: The Insider’s Guide to Parenting Anxiety’. At the F Word she’ll share her expertise in how to tackle failure and for the first time talk about her personal experience publicly.
  • Cathal Gaffney co-found Brown Bag Films in 1994. Today, he focuses on the business and production side of the operation as MD of Brown Bag Films and COO of the 9 Story Group. The process of keeping the production company growing and thriving has been marked by constant reinvention of the business motivated by responding to missteps or having the foresight to see them before they hit.Cathal will give insight into recognising when things are about to go wrong and how this has fuelled success for shows such as ‘Peter Rabbit’, ‘Octonauts’, ‘Bing’, ‘Vampirina’ and ‘Doc McStuffins’.

Errors, missteps and points of failure are inevitable in an industry where success can only be achieved by taking risks. But at CMC 2018 the biggest mistake you can make is not coming to the F Word.

Join us and learn to fail the right way.

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