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Posted on: Thursday 16 November 2017 2:41pm by Helen Dugdale

The Cosgrove Hall archives are now on display, thanks to curator Westley Wood – and he’s looking for support to continue the project.


  • The Cosgrove Hall Archive is made up of 200 complete production pieces, figures and sketches from forgotten shows, and is currently on display at Sale Waterside Centre.
  • In 2018, Cosgrove Hall Archive is set to become a charitable trust and is looking for deep-pocketed donors!
  • Westley is now looking for designers, filmmakers and app developers to get involved.
  • It’s part of our collective culture – so, support it!


The Cosgrove Hall Films archive is one of the most significant contributions to the development of British animation and children’s television, and is currently housed at Sale Waterside Centre.

The collection brings together favourite Cosgrove Hall characters, including Dangermouse, Bill and Ben the Flower Pot Men, Noddy, and many more.

Westley Wood is the curator of the archive. The project began five years ago when Westley found the collection languishing in a studio, and has had to navigate plenty of hurdles to get to the point of putting the collection on display.

Richard Evans from Sale Waterside Centre shares Westley’s passion for Cosgrove Hall, and the two are working together on the collection. The exhibition has had over 3,000 visitors in the last three weeks, and runs until 17 February 2018.

Westley is looking for support, both financially and creatively, in growing and preserving the Cosgrove Hall collection, which is an important part of the collective heritage of today’s UK animation industry.


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