Can’t Wait for Next Year…

Posted on: Monday 31 July 2017 1:50pm

Dave Collins, Co-Founder, PowerStation Studios was a “first timer” at CMC 2017. He liked it…

It was my first time attending the CMC and after attending for an invaluable 3 days. It certainly won’t be my last.

CMC is a very different event from any other industry event I have attended. It feels much more creative and collaborative then it does a commercial sales frenzy. The speakers and panels were informative, open, and provided genuine insights rather than manufactured sound bites. There is a real sense of an industry community and, yes, of course people are pitching, networking and doing business, but in a much more relaxed and open forum. I found myself engaged in varied and engaging conversations with a variety of people and made some wonderful new connections and friends. Surprisingly, as I attended with no expectation other than learning, we actually walked away with some potential projects, not through selling but through conversation and a realisation of potential co-creation of value.

In summary, I found CMC to be a refreshing creative event in an over commercialized world. I can’t wait for next year!

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