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Posted on: Wednesday 05 July 2017 11:44am by Lyndsey Smith

In this workshop a panel of industry experts were on hand to share their experiences of pitching and provide helpful tips on how to pitch and develop skills. Each member of the panel had unique experiences they were able to bring forward to the session.


  • It all starts with the pitch and the characters – know your story
  • Flexiblity of ideas, allowing them to be tailored for different platforms
  • Don’t fixate on the one project that you think is going to be your golden ticket.

Mickey Rogers, Director, MRM inc., began by sharing her knowledge with the delegates through a number of useful points and tips beginning with: “One of the most important things about pitching is authenticity”.

She gave the delegates a series of guidelines that could be followed to create the perfect pitch and give their ideas the best chance.

Research was highlighted as a key part of the pitching process. Knowing who you are pitching to is important as is making sure ideas have flexibility, allowing them to be tailored for different broadcasters.

Orion Ross, Disney Channel EMEA, gave the broadcasters perspective, showing the delegates how broadcasters are often looking for inspiration anywhere and looking for things that stand out.

Other panellists were also on hand to offer advice. Author and Illustrator Curtis Jobling stressed the importance of story and creativity. “Don’t fixate on the one project that you think is going to be your golden ticket,” he said, advising delegates to be creative all the time and to have a number of ideas.

The second part of the session allowed for delegates to stretch their pitching muscles through a series of exercises, from creating a logline for their ideas through to pitching these ideas to their peers, with help and advice from the experts.

The main advice from all panellists was to practice and know your story and your characters, and to remember that everyone you are pitching to wants you to succeed.

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