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Posted on: Wednesday 05 July 2017 6:16pm by Amy King

Leading this panel, Jon Watts tackles the question of what does it take to succeed as a new company entering the children’s media market? The diverse panel of innovators and entrepreneurs discuss their own experiences in the industry, and what they have learnt along the way.


  • Originality is key. Don’t worry about what the bigger companies are doing.
  • People who take risks and think differently are the future of children’s media.
  • Work hard, survive and thrive!


When competing against media giants, such as Netflix and Amazon, Raul Carbo Perea from In Efecto advises that while it can be intimidating entering into the market, the challenge is part of the adventure and that ‘making things with heart’ has driven his company forwards.

One of the main challenges the panel deliberated on is how to be seen from within such a huge media market. Andy Taylor talked about his role in Little Dot Studios and how by looking at data trends from the digital platform YouTube the company has had success tapping into the next generation of children’s media.

Anita Ramdharry, from ChuggProductions, discussed the child expectations placed on a company once successfully entering into the market. Anita talked about the importance of maintaining child interest through supply and demand, and Emma Scott from Beano Studios highlighted the significance of understanding your audience and organising your content in way that will appeal to the children’s market.

By the end of the session Jon wanted to know what the panel would say was their biggest mistake – a tough but valuable question for new companies trying to find a place in the market. Being confident and not being afraid to aim higher was a repeated answer which addresses the overarching question of the session: Can new children’s media companies be built into the market? The answer is a resounding yes.

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