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Posted on: Tuesday 04 July 2017 11:45pm by Rosemary Klein

Rosemary Klein, session producer for Opening the Vault, looks at how to get your hands on more money for your projects – what’s not to like?

Thursday 6th July, 9.30am, in Cinema 4 

Money, money, money, MONEY… makes the world go round (well that and cosmic forces). But it certainly is the fuel to launch and maintain children’s media projects and business.

Are sources of financing your children’s media venture more or less open in 2017?

Are you looking for cash in all the wrong places?

Or are you simply still awake from the party the night before and need a quiet place to grab a kip?

Shake off the CMC party hang over, grab a strong coffee and regenerate your brain cells at the Opening the Vault finance session.

A panel of experienced children’s content creators and funders will share their production funding sources, and we are also featuring entrepreneurs from the children’s digital publishing and live events’ genres. Abhi Arya of Sandbox & Co will disclose what Sandbox is looking for in funding a digital publishing project, and Ellie Carter of Paper Chatterbox and Rave-a-Roo will share how they sourced funding to build (and sell) children’s live events businesses.

And if you slept in and missed our 9:30am start, we are open to giving you a second chance. Head to the Workspace Mezzanine, from 11am-12 noon, to speed date our panel. In addition to Abhi and Ellie, you can meet one-on-one with Tim Patterson of Larkshead Media, Caroline Percy of Ingenious, Rob Stapledon from Arbuthnot Latham & Co private bank, and Ben Richards, 560 Media (secondary media rights royalties).

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