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Posted on: Wednesday 28 June 2017 10:49am by Anttu Harlin

Gigglebug Entertainment co-founder and CEO Anttu Harlin (session producer for Beyond Survival: Growing your Business and Making Money) talks about getting comfortable with money.

Let’s get it out in the open. Money. In the kids’ business, where does the money flow from and who gets it? 

Money is a topic that’s shrouded in far too much mystery and we’re terrified to talk about frankly. That needs to change. If producing is about enabling great content, than being a producer in 2017 means being an entrepreneur. It’s time for more producers and creatives to get entrepreneurial. 

Why is money so scary? It need not be. Content people and money people just need to get out of their comfort zones and talk to each other. We need each other equally, to create added value.

Remember how nerve-wracking it was to meet the parents of your high school crush? I had the same butterflies walking into my very first investor meeting in London, thinking that the person across the table held the keys to my future. The goal of those meetings was the same: to establish trust. And in order to establish trust, the sooner we overcome our nerves and get comfortable, the better.

Over the last year, I’ve embraced what I don’t know. I’ve called up CEOs and founders of the industry’s top companies to ask stupid questions about money. The biggest surprise was when I heard that just surviving can be considered a success. It felt like a mind-trick to make me look harder. At the same time, the trade press is full of gigantic success stories. But is the industry really that polarised? Surely there is a logical, sensible, and considered way for an independent entrepreneur to build a business and climb up the value chain of the kids ecosystem. 

At CMC, we’ll be presenting a line-up of experts who’ll share invaluable insights that will bridge gaps between the world of content and the world of finance. Join us to gain perspective for your business strategy and find out where our guests would invest a spare £5M in 2018! 

Beyond Survival: Growing your Business and Making Money is on Thursday 6th July 2017 14:10 – 15:10 in Showroom Cinema 2

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Anttu Harlin

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Anttu Harlin is the Co-Founder and CEO of Gigglebug Entertainment – a Helsinki-based games and animation studio focused on positive children's content. The company creates and produces original animation brands for the global market. Anttu is also the co-creator and writer of 'Gigglebug', the company’s first hit TV series and app… Read more