An Offer You Can’t Refuse…

Posted on: Monday 08 May 2017 3:44pm

The origins of CMC 2017’s interstitial animations are revealed in Spinning Clock’s Matt Buck’s latest contribution to our occasional series: “What Has the CMC Ever Done for me?”

Our first interaction with CMC was the summer conference in Sheffield in 2016.

It’s been a whirlwind ever since. Having met Greg Childs and talked through what our agency gets up to, he has been an invaluable voice of wisdom on the children’s media climate.

Our involvement is set to jump up a few notches when we complete this year’s interstitials that open every session and Keynote at this year’s CMC.  How did this happen? It’s all a bit of a blur… It all started with an impromptu conversation with Greg in the Children’s Hub at London Book Fair, where CMC were staging all the Conference sessions on “children’s day”. Not what you’d call a formal approach – more a fun conversation. But after our brief chat – including stories about ‘The Generation Game’ and comic books – Greg moved in for the kill and asked if we’d like to become a CMC “sponsor in kind” with our animation ingenuity.

Of course we jumped at the chance to support the CMC conference. It’s now a vital date in our yearly calendar, with opportunities to talk with like-minded partners, forge new business relationships and have some downright fun watching the world of children’s media develop and flourish.

With the interstitials standard set very high in previous years, we are looking to push our animators to their creative best and hopefully cause a chortle or two.

What has the CMC ever done for Spinning Clock? It’s opened up a wider world of the creative community… and it’s put us at the mercy of Greg Childs… We’re still not quite sure how that happened…

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