Report – Showcase 2: Interactive animation in VR – Feeding Titanosaurs

Posted on: Thursday 17 November 2016 4:37pm by Tom Jordan

Speaker: Peter Caddock, Studio Liddell

Takeaway: VR is going to be BIG!

Peter Caddock showcased a demo of a VR piece Studio Liddell had been working on for the last month, entitled ‘Feeding Titanosaur’.

The demonstrator, Simon Smith, also from Studio Liddell, had a VR headset on, and what he could see in the headset was shown on the big screen.

Delegates saw Simon’s view as he looked for a dinosaur, a 75,000kg herbivore eating from a tree canopy. As Simon looked around physically, he could see the whole 360º virtual environment.

Simon also used his hand controller to pick up a branch and offer it to the dinosaur, which came towards him and loomed large on the screen. Simon could tease the dinosaur by offering the branch; the dinosaur sniffed it before lunging forward and eating it.

Peter explained that when Simon moved the branch, there was an intentional slight delay as the dinosaur tracked it.

He talked about how they developed the sweeping motion of the neck to be realistic, avoiding an initial unnatural twist. Simon could also close in on the toes/claws, and stand under the dinosaur and look up at it.

Studio Liddell also set up a VR demo area for delegates to experience the headset first hand.

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