Report – Panel 5: Training and Development – New Initiatives, New Entrants

Posted on: Thursday 17 November 2016 5:38pm by Helen Dugdale

Training panelBelinda Peach Peachy
Abigail Fairhurst, Brown Bag Films
Steve Swanborough, Freelance animator, motion designer and editor
Praveen Zacharias, Brown Bag Films,
Rose Marley, Sharp Futures
Helen Brunsdon, Creative Skillset
Adrian Healey, The Manchester Growth Company

Takeaway: Getting ahead in the industry is about hard work, dedication and work experience, whether that’s in relevant positions or simply by improving your social skills working in Costa Coffee.

The panel looked at:

  • The changes to the apprenticeship schemes coming in April 2017 and what will be expected of businesses.
  • Why universities and industry need to work together more.
  • How the transition from education to work can be improved
  • The beauty of growing and nurturing apprentices and watching individuals grow and flourish as they gain more and more on the job training.
  • Manchester should spearhead training in basic level digital skills to help move the industry forward – especially in light of recently announced Google initiatives to foster digital literacy.
  • How newbies coming into the industry, need to understanding what the sector wants and have better background on what the jobs are, being specific about what they want from their work in animation, and showing a passion for animation – that is attractive to employers.

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