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Posted on: Thursday 07 July 2016 11:17am by Helen Dugdale

From concept to creation – finding the funding to make it happen. By guest blogger Helen Dugdale


  • Think positively, creatively and work tirelessly to get your hands on the funding and financing available.
  • Brexit doesn’t have to mean Armageddon for the industry!
  • So far nothing has changed with the funding within the EU. This will continue for at least two years, until more is known about the UK’s exit from the EU…  So get your applications in!
  • New funding and financing opportunities could grow out of the UK’s departure. Brexit may bring new ways for UK and France to collaborate together. It’s generally thought that the UK has the strongest writers and France is known for having the strongest animation studios. We can remain strong allies


After chatting with a few people before Money Talks kicked off, the general consensus was that the session would be dominated by doom and gloom. However, the naysayers amongst us were pleasantly surprised with the upbeat tone, not unlike the stoic approach taken in the Opening Question Time session the day before, and the fact that so far the world of funding and finance, remains intact.

The message from the BFI was simply get your applications into us and make the most of British Animation Tax Credits. Even if you’re still in the early days of production, indies can benefit from interim certificates that can help with expenses.

From Creative Europe, the same, a new call DSC_5831for projects looking for funding will be announced in September – so be ready.

France’s APC Kids are eager to help with distribution and sourcing financing deals, even if there is currently no broadcaster attached to a project. Lionel Marty, President, said they work in a number of ways with producers.

The Ingenious Group have an umbrella view of the industry having financed some major films and a wide range of TV shows. Kate Bennetts, Senior Investment Manager said they work in a variety of ways so talk to them.

Camilla Deakin, Joint MD at Lupus Films gave an insightful look at financing from an independents’ viewpoint, the main messages being really positive. Get your first sale in the bag on your home territory which makes the project a lot more appealing to other potential international backers. Don’t be fooled, it’s tough! You have to knock on a lot of doors, be flexible, be imaginative and be good at collaborating. Look to find softer money partners; there are grants available in Ireland and Yorkshire, plus the Welsh government is also very supportive of the kids’ TV market.

In conclusion, there is money to be had for those prepared to go looking for it, you just have to go out and work hard to secure it. Once the axe of Brexit falls things will change, but good ideas will always rise to the top. Make sure yours is one of them.

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