Report – Oh, That’s New: Innovation Showcase

Posted on: Wednesday 06 July 2016 2:53pm


New formats, new technologies, new business models – and the creative solutions required to bring them to life.


  • Be innovative. Even in small areas, you can pioneer new techniques
  • Cross-platforming is the way forward for children’s content consumption


Within this seminar, delegates from different children’s media backgrounds came together to discuss modern practices and inventive functions of children’s apps and media content.

Trevor Klein, Digital Strategist and Producer, kicked off by showcasing a short form, the CBBC series ‘Secret Life of Boys’, an interactive comedy for the touchscreen generation. It enables children to interact with a linear story by making onscreen buttons available that lead to extra gags or dialogue. As it was essential to enhance the interactivity and heighten the overall quality for the genre, the team conducted screen tests and ran focus groups to help polish the product.

Suzanne Kelly, Series Producer at RTÉ, followed with RTÉ’s new app, Swipe TV. She explained how kids aged 7-12 weren’t using traditional websites and were using more app technology so RTÉ had to capitalise. With development help from Amuzo and The Little Big Partnership, Swipe TV averages “120,000 views per month” and boasts a range of single short-form content that can be turned full series through tracking demographics.

Nick Marsh, Head of Product, Lost My Name, discussed working with the Lost My Name books and how they have created their own ‘Full Stack Publishing’ model of business meaning they do the entire process of publishing. He emphasised how customer interaction and satisfaction was top priority, so much so that through great service and sales, they are currently organising a deal with the Chinese market.

The talk came to a conclusion as Stephen Scott, Managing Director of Bigmouth Audio, walked us through ‘Once Upon a Time in Zombieville’, a new audio series that provides children with visual impairments a new experience to enjoy with their family. Not many audio series are marketed for kids so with development assistance from the BBC and ample funding, this series works toward bridging the gap. To further enrich the experience, Stephen will introduce sensory toys into the stories as the series develops.

On the whole, the seminar demonstrated that with the right team of people and innovative thinking, you can create something diverse and ground-breaking for children to enjoy.

Report by Tyler McRae

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