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Posted on: Tuesday 05 July 2016 5:01pm by Kate Hilton

It’s fun and games all week in the Playground – the free interactive digital art exhibition for children.Playground

This year a truly exciting exhibition called ‘Playground’ is being held in the Site Gallery to run alongside the CMC. Although designed with children aged 5-12 in mind, it really is a chance to play for both children and adults alike, and is filled with games, toys, apps and digital art.

One of the main attractions is Dubit’s virtual reality room. Wearing a headset and headphones you can explore a Fairy Garden using wands to interact with the magical landscape. Participants of all ages can immerse themselves in this activity, but, if you don’t want to try it out, watching others get totally absorbed in the game is nearly as much fun.

There are a wide range of other activities on offer. Magical fairy doors with ever-changing scenery behind them provoked more than one ‘wow’ from the little boys playing with them.

Even very young children were enjoying using the beautifully designed programming games from Osmo. These come with different sets of tactile pieces for children to interact with while learning basic programming. Children seem intuitively able to work out the process straight away.

Computer games feature in the exhibition too and many of the older children were very taken with the games displayed in retro cardboard arcade machines and the Minecraft game.

Several of the activities involve the connection of everyday objects with technology. You can play the drum on a potato using the Makey Makey, connect your recorded story with an artefact, animate your hand-drawn pictures and make electronic circuits on greetings cards and even through dough.

This exhibition could definitely keep children and adults busy for several hours giving grown ups a very good excuse to play, should they need one. The future of play is there for you to explore every day until Sunday 10 July at 5.30pm at the Site Gallery.

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