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Posted on: Tuesday 05 July 2016 2:27pm by David Kleeman

Session producer David Kleeman on the value of seeing what’s out there in international kids’ TV.

Warning: graphic nudity. In children’s Prix JeunesseTV.

There… that ought to fill Cinema 3.

That’s not all, though – far from it! Come to the PRIX JEUNESSE Suitcase screening – kids and tweens programming from around the world – to see a 9-year-old marrying his 10-year-old girlfriend, a monster who really wants to be a singer, a moondance, and preschoolers playing agony aunt for their stuffed animals.

But, wait, don’t stop there. We’ll finish with a five-clip focus on Japan’s NHK, which is turning out the world’s most highly-designed, visually innovative, unique treatments and narratives for all ages.

Why watch kids’ TV from Japan, Norway, Belgium, Bangladesh and elsewhere? Even in this what I want, where I want it, when I want it era, GOT (not ‘Game of Thrones’, but ‘good old telly’) claims the biggest share of kids’ time with media. With so many competing options, though, if you want to get discovered and sustain engagement, you need to be fresh and distinctive while sticking with the formats and content TV does better than mobile or games.

Mind you, I don’t show how other countries and cultures use the medium to suggest you to go back to the office and copy it. My hope is that you’ll be inspired to envision new ways to push creative boundaries with your own ideas.

Moreover, watching an hour of eye-opening TV is also relaxing and refreshing at a conference where there’s lots of talk about challenging issues looming over our industries.

Oh, and did I mention the nudity?

The Prix Jeunesse Suitcase: Making it Happen All Over the World, Thursday 7 July, 11:10 – 12.30 in Showroom Cinema 3

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