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Posted on: Thursday 23 June 2016 12:56pm by Lorna Probert

Lorna Probert is producing a session that sounds like a song from a musical – ‘Too Cool for School’

Dan EferganHosted by Mr Cool, Dan Efergan, Aardman’s Digital Creative Director, who has considerable experience of making content both attractive and learning-focused, our panel brings together a group of people who each bring different insights into how entertainment content is actually being used in the classroom and its effects – perhaps in contexts or to teach topics we might never have imagined.

The session will look at whether there really is a role for entertainment – film, TV or games – in the classroom. Of course the entertainment producers and commissioners at CMC will all answer with a resounding “yes”. We can see the potential for the content we have created ostensibly to entertain to also inspire and help children to learn. We put all that thought and additional layering into it after all!

But what about the people who actually teach our children? Do they understand the potential? Is the content that’s primarily constructed to entertain actually an effective resource for teaching? Given the extreme pressures our teachers are now under, how feasible is it for them to take time showing films or playing games?

We’ll look at why it’s worth brand owners taking entertainment into the classroom in the first place and how producers and distributors can overcome the challenges of getting it there. What can we do to make content intended for general consumption as effective and accessible for teachers as possible, so it can reach a wider audience and achieve a further purpose.

For anyone that creates, commissions or distributes children’s entertainment content – as linear storytelling, gameplay, or mixes of the two – our panel of educators will provide a unique insight into where the entertainers sit in the educational landscape.

Speakers include:
Anna Budzynska Head of Education Planning, National Schools Partnership
Adam Clarke Minecraft Artist
Sai Pathmanathan Science Education Consultant, Freelance
Julian Wood Deputy Headteacher, Wybourn Community Primary, Sheffield

‘Too Cool for School’ is on Thursday 7 July, 09:30 – 10:30, in The Stage at the Hubs.

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