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Posted on: Tuesday 21 June 2016 11:22am by Anne Brogan

Anne BroganAnne Brogan is the co-Director of multi-award winning independent production company Kindle Entertainment, successful producers of ‘Dixi’, ‘Leonardo’ ‘Kiss me First’, ‘Treasure Island’ and many more.  Anne was suitably brief about the encounters at CMC which are her response to “What has the CMC Ever Done for Me?”

CMC has introduced me to a number of people over the years whom I have worked with subsequently.

Henry Winkler at CMC

Henry Winkler prepares for his Keynote at CMC 2010

It’s often people with experience in areas a bit outside of our immediate territory (scripted content) whom I might not have come across in the day to day; publishers, interactive producers, writers, financiers, designers.

Our enjoyable and successful collaborations with both Plug-in Media (‘Big and Small’, ‘Get Well Soon’) and Walker Books (‘Hank Zipzer’), to name but two, came out of encounters at CMC sessions.

Theres no doubt it oils the wheels of creativity and commerce. Long may it continue to offer us brief and serendipitous encounters!

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